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Genspect: The New LGBT NGO Framework

"'Every good cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket"

- Eric Hoffer

Genspect, an organization originating to help children process their feelings about

what is marketed to them as gender identity, and parents who’ve lost their

children because of it, has morphed into a new type of LGBT NGO. It’s messaging,

like the word “transgender” itself, is without borders and people are noticing.

On November 4-5 th , Genspect had a major conference in Denver, Colorado with

speakers discussing everything having to do with the gender ideology leviathan.

The Bigger Picture conference certainly was big.

I write about the money that drives gender ideology propaganda, which makes it

look like a medical issue (and simultaneously akin to the human rights issues for

lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals), so I don’t invest in the idea that children are

having a medical problem. Therefore, I no longer support Genspect. Of course,

once you start treating a propaganda problem medically, you create a medical

problem on top of a propaganda problem, which then feeds the narrative that it’s

a medical problem. Just look at poor Jazz Jennings, a young boy who once liked

sparkles and rainbows, who is now a grown man posing as a woman, and who’s

now been through medical castration on his once healthy body, and two

subsequent surgeries on his synthetic genitalia.

Since I have researched this issue for a decade, followers of my work have asked

me to weigh in on the confusion and anger some felt at seeing a man parading his

autogynephilic fetish and marketing his book about his paraphilia, at the recent Genspect

conference. His book promotes the destigmatization of his fetish, by rebranding

his autogynephilic compulsion “autoheterosexuality.”

Autogynephila, otherwise known as transsexualism, is the male sexual compulsion

to own womanhood. It is at the root of what is becoming an industry in synthetic

sex characteristic commodities, being marketed to children.

Genspect exists to help the families harmed by the normalization and

industrialization of this fetish-turned-predatory-industry, and the fetishists

themselves. Attempting to help them both, as a public organization, was a bad

idea to begin with, and now that Genspect is growing, so are their problems.

I had a look at Genspect’s conference schedule. I’ve come to respect the work of

several of the speakers who were showcasing their analysis. But, putting them

all together in one conference, belied the lack of focus this organization has that

generates so much conflict. The itinerary mirrored the hydra of gender ideology

itself, and this hydra is staggeringly incoherent when you look at the entire beast

at once.

Genspect wants to be too many things to too many people. They want to

serve two masters, just like LGBT NGOs who want to support LGB and TQ+.

Everything after the LGB in the acronym attempts to undermine the sexual

dimorphism upon which LGBs exist (along with the rest of us).

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