"Gender Identity,” the Techno Medical Complex and Twerking Men in Monkey Suits

Why are most adults unable to respond effectively to the overt exposure of our children to extreme sexual material and acts, and the brutalization of their sex organs, being framed as human rights?

Children’s libraries have been infringed upon by grown men in women’s underwear and clown make up, twerking at them while singing about inclusivity and choosing to be male or female. What does this have to do with the rights of people who are same sex attracted? Some parents have protested these events, but another incident pops up in another city before they recover from the knowledge of the one before it. Other parents stand clapping and cheering this assault on their children. What could possess them to do so? More recently, in another library, across the ocean in the UK, there were grown men wearing rainbow colored monkey suits, their plastic dildo penises bouncing around with their monkey antics, exposing their naked buttocks to children. All embraced as part of the new normal.

Children are being chewed up as if we’d put them into a meat grinder. Their schools have been invaded with this body denying ideology of GI, driven by special interests, big money and teaching them they can be male or female. First graders are being taught how to masturbate, to not allow their parents to hug them, and parents are terrified to speak out. 300 pediatric sex control clinics have emerged in North America alone, in a decade, to medicalize their healthy bodies with powerful drugs. Their puberty is being aborted. They are being sterilized. It’s not that no one knows this is happening, though LGB NGOs have worked by stealth to add the T+, and create organizations to drive the normalization of body dissociation globally.

Children’s castration and dismemberment of their sex is national entertainment fodder on reality TV, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, other social media platforms and in mainstream media. Everyone can watch the reruns of the botched surgeries on Jazz Jenninngs' genitals. Whatever is left of his private regions, his mother threatened to dilate for him, on national TV as millions of people watched, unfazed, as if we don’t belong to ourselves anymore. We are told this is human rights and we continue watching the macabre scenes unfold. Then we go and put away the dishes, instead of organizing to fight this madness.

How is it we are so “transfixed”? Is our lack of outrage and inaction the result of a culturally induced trauma, sexual and otherwise? Are we dissociating as a response to the abuse? If so, is it a surprise that children are too? Denial is a balm when we perceive no way out.

It seems likely that adults are being manipulated and traumatized by the same technological systems overtaking our children, the same all-pervasive techno-medical complex (Big Pharma as it intersects with Big Tech) driving the ideology of “gender identity” (GI).

Our own trauma takes the form of a lack of privacy, constant surveillance (we were warned by Edward Snowden and others and most of us have yet to respond.) We are exposed to massive and mounting atrocities, not just in our own neighborhoods, but thanks to technology and the internet, all over the world. Too many adults are exposed to deeply disturbing and violent pornography. Pornhub gets more visits than Netflix or Amazon. Fetishes and sexual encounters based on dissociation are being normalized. Too many of us face sustained financial instability, and a lack of community. These changes have been growing with ferocity and leave us unsteady, desperate, confused and unmoored from reality.

Tack on the rapid deconstruction of sexual dimorphism in language and law, COVID, isolation, an unhealthy symbiosis with technology, environmental instability, unfathomable corruption at every front of politics, media and society and we’re close to suffering Stockholm Syndrome on a mass scale. We wed ourselves more and more to this rapacious system even as it is destroying us. No wonder we can’t help our children if we can’t help ourselves.

GI promotes body dissociation at its most fundamental level. It is not just a phenomenon that has occurred, it has been actively cultivated by the techno-medical complex for which the LGBT NGOs have become a front and from where transgenderism and gender identity have emerged.

LGB NGOs all added the T+ to their acronym around the same time beginning early 2000’s, without most people’s knowledge. “Transgenderism” is directly tied to Transsexualism, a fetish of adult men which dissociates the sexed body from the mind, and which objectifies female sex. Why was it added? Why was a fetish of dissociation from embodied sex added to the LGB human rights movement; a movement based on embodied same sex attraction? Why has it morphed quickly from a medical condition to another way to celebrate being human, while remaining tied to the techno-medical complex, and why are too few people responding to this? Why have people been made afraid to ask simple questions about this agenda as it steamrolls through our institutions, flattening reality and anyone who gets in the way?