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Gender Identity Ideology in K-12 Schools - How did it Happen?

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

A decade ago, most teachers, principals, and students in K-12 schools had never heard the terms “transgender” or “gender identity.” Within one decade that has all changed. By now, every teacher, principal, and student across America has heard the terms, even if they aren’t sure what they mean. The concept of “gender identity” often morphs depending on who you are talking to. There has never been a stable legal or logical definition of the term. Often, definitions are tautological, i.e., “Gender identity is a person’s internal, deeply held sense or psychological knowledge of their own gender.” What seems to be taking place in the culture is that “gender identity” has become a euphemism for body dissociation. Children are being taught that they can be a boy or a girl, that sex is assigned at birth, that sex exists on a spectrum and that they can choose which sex they are later.

How did it Happen?

President Obama and his handlers played a starring role in instituting gender identity ideology into K-12 schools.

In 2008 Obama was just a twinkle in Penny Pritzker’s eye. As an Illinois senator in political obscurity, Obama was an unknown entity. Penny Pritzker, of the Chicago Pritzker billionaires, who share massive investments in the medical-industrial complex (MIC), set a mission of getting Obama into the White House. She succeeded in not just securing one term for him but two by introducing him to the titans of finance, including the head of Goldman Sachs. She helped fund his PACs and later became his Secretary of Commerce.

Penny Pritzker is not the only important Pritzker in the story of how gender identity ideology got into our children’s schools, but Obama started doing her bidding immediately.

In 2009, immediately after being elected, he signed into law the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act which extended the coverage of Federal hate crimes law to include attacks based on the victim’s “gender identity.” “Gender Identity” was never defined.

In 2010 he initiated anti-bullying campaigns in schools for LGBT students and began to pass other “transgender” legislation rapidly. This was the same year GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) began lobbying Illinois schools for anti-bullying protections toward LGBT students and students with a “gender identity” for which they were purportedly being bullied. It was the beginning of the drive to bring “gender identity” as a concept into children’s schools. Among GLSEN supporters is Walt Disney Corporation which has gifted one hundred million dollars to children’s hospitals across America and Europe, at least several of which have “gender clinics” for youth.

This lobbying of schools for the anti-bullying of LGBT youth and children with “gender identities” began five years after the T+ started appearing under the LGB human rights banner and “transgender” organizations mushroomed globally. It was the onset of these terms arriving in American institutions with no explanation. Suddenly, “transgender” and “gender identity” were everywhere.

GLSEN is also funded by Arcus Foundation, one of the most prominent LGBT NGOs in the United States, driving gender identity ideology globally. Arcus Foundation founder, Jon Stryker, funds his foundation with millions of dollars through his corporation, Stryker Medical. GLSEN is also financed by Gill Foundation, another massive LGBT NGO driving “gender identity" ideology under a banner of safety and anti-bullying for children.

In 2010, by any standard, the shifting concepts of “transgender children,” or children with innate “gender identities” for which they were bullied, were not even a blip on the cultural radar. Yet, some of the most important and wealthiest people in America were taking measures for their protection in our institutions. It’s worth noting that though these new identities came into K-12 schools under a banner of sexual identity, the lessons about “transgender” and “gender identity” were brought into schools in both new sexual education curriculums and via anti-bullying campaigns, the latter of which parents could not opt their children out of.

In 2013 Jennifer Pritzker, Penny Pritzker's cousin, another billionaire in the philanthropic family, released a statement to individuals associated with two business and charitable organizations that subsequently received comprehensive media coverage, indicating a name change from James Pritzker, to Jennifer Pritzker, to reflect his imagined status as a woman. At 63, with two marriages behind him and having fathered three children, he took up the mantle of driving “gender identity” into our cultural institutions through his Tawani Foundation, including funding Equality Illinois Education Project, another purported anti-bullying program used to drive the feeble ideology of “gender identity,” into children’s schools.

By 2015, while the unstable concepts of “transgender” and “gender identity” were increasing in media spreads and TV reality shows and Hollywood stars were parading their children around as opposite-sex children, Obama became the first president to say the word "transgender" in a state of the union address. He hosted a youth summit at the White House for LGBT Youth and called a meeting specifically for “transgender” students, earning the title of "Trans President." Was he doing this for an infinitesimal segment of the population of children in K-12 schools with body dysphoria related to their genitalia? If so, why? What is a “transgender child?” What is “gender identity” and why do children suddenly have one? We, the American people, are still asking.

We're not alone in questioning the construction of "transgender children." In the UK, Dr. Heather Brunskell Evans reports on lobby groups driving the narrative of "gender identities" and "transgender" medical identities in children that have no basis in material reality.

Fast forward to 2019. JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, brother to Penny Pritzker, and cousin to Jennifer Pritzker, has invested twenty-five million dollars in early childhood initiatives. He also dropped all pretense of anti-bullying campaigns for LGB students in grade schools and initiated an executive order, creating an Affirming and Inclusive Task Force purportedly to “improve the learning environment for 'transgender,' 'nonbinary,' and gender nonconforming students by affirming and supporting them.” Sitting on the Task Force is the Associate Director of Community Programs and Initiatives at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago (Jennifer Pritzker provided the funds for Lurie Children's Hospital's "gender clinic" in 2013). Though the 50-page task force report is meant to be a guideline, it makes clear that everyone in Illinois schools will abide by the dictates of an ideology that has never been discussed, evaluated, or approved by the public. This ideology sets children against the biological reality of their sexed bodies.

At least now, we know who's paid for these dictates.

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