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From the World Bank to LGBT Leadership/The Corporate Colonization of Human Sex

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

For those fighting the gender identity industry, there is no more time to waste. For all the sterling cultural analysis of the harms perpetrated against society by this apparatus and where it came from, most who fight this beast are doing so from an ideological standpoint, focusing on the “gender” and “identity” aspects of it, and giving short scrutiny to the “industry” side of things. This must change if we plan on winning. The roots of this Goliath are in ruthless, bloody capitalism, and until this Is understood, we will all be spitting into the wind.

The roots of the gender identity industry must be central to all other arguments or it is ineffectual compartmentalization. It is the roots that provide the power the gender identity industry brandishes and those roots are in corporate power and profiteering. The malignancy of queer theory and the efforts to destabilize reality, the feminist fight against gender stereotypes and for women’s rights, and the exposure of the homophobia still rampaging through western cultures, are informative elements of what is playing out in the transgender arena. They are not the root. A voracious and pathological corporatism that has already destroyed so much of the planet is now colonizing all that is left. Humans (and our roots in sex) are the last frontier of vulture capitalism.

I have written about the Big Pharma roots of the gender identity industry, Big Tech protection of Big Pharma, now let’s look at the banking industries role in this burgeoning titan industry.

Fabrice Houdart, a human rights and corporate social responsibility specialist with 19 years of experience at the World Bank and the United Nations took the helm of Managing Director of Out Leadership in January 2020. Out Leadership is the global LGBT+ leadership networking organization for corporations. Houdart co-led Quorum, a database of 900 aspiring and existing LGBT Board Members. As the Head of Global Equality initiatives, he leverages the power of 80+ of the world's largest companies in pushing for social change on LGBTQ+ issues through "quiet diplomacy,” legal action, and philanthropy with a focus on Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Out Leadership helps firms engage with the $3.7 Trillion LGBT+ market opportunity (yes, you read that right. $3.7 TRILLION). For all this talk about human rights, what we are really looking at here is market opportunities. This is why the leadership of LGBT is rife with bankers instead of grassroots activists like the once-revered Harvey Milk, who was a member of the counter-cultural movement of the ’60s until he hit forty.

Todd Sears is the founder and principal of Out Leadership. He has worked as an investment banker, financial advisor, and diversity leader. He created the first team of financial advisors on Wall Street to focus on the LGBT+ community, bringing $1.5 billion in new assets to Merrill Lynch. Todd has also led pioneering equality initiatives for Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. He shares with us here, how same-sex attraction used to be a social issue but is now being leveraged to drive societal change and business impact, leaving politics, religion, and culture behind, as if we don’t live in corporatized cultures subsuming everything else already.

Beth Brooke-Marciniak, named one of Forbes “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” ten times, was the former head of public policy at the professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY). Brooke-Marciniak was responsible for helping to influence policies related to global capital markets. Formerly with the US Department of the Treasury, responsible for all tax policy matters related to insurance and managed care, she played roles in the healthcare reform and Superfund reform efforts. She was also Sponsor of Inclusiveness and Diversity training at the firm, where she spearheaded the creation of their Corporate Responsibility group and promoted gender identity mythology.

In 2018 Brooke-Marciniak was named Global Advocate of the Year by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce for her work to champion LGBTI issues on a global scale. She is also Co-Chair of Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality and sits on the board of Out Leadership.

In 2016, Out Leadership announced the launch of Out WOMEN, an initiative that champions the success of senior LGBT women in business. As a member of Out Leadership’s Global Advisory Board, Brooke-Marciniak joined Martine Rothblatt, the founding father of the transgender empire, a man pretending to be a woman and CEO of United Therapeutics, as co-chair for the inaugural Out WOMEN salon dinner. “There are precious few women role models in the upper echelons of leadership,” Brooke-Marciniak said. Yet, she saw no irony and no problem co-chairing an event to promote women's leadership, with a man, even as the leadership of women pretending to be men, comes up short. The “diversity and inclusion” policies being adopted by corporations, governments, and institutions are recreating the same sexist (read: sex-based) imbalances in leadership women have been fighting for generations. While they encourage drugging and surgically altering away sexism and screaming progress while doing so, men are claiming the spaces reserved for women.

And where would we be without a mention of Jon Stryker, founder of Arcus Foundation (All Roads Lead to Arcus), driving gender identity mythology globally with millions from his billion-dollar medical corporation coffers? Stryker wasn’t always a philanthropist and he certainly wasn’t an activist. Before heading the largest LGBT NGO in the world, Stryker was a founding board member of Greenleaf Trust, a privately-held wealth management firm.

The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication gives us a very concise explanation of how same-sex attraction has been corporatized and why identities are proliferating under the alphabet umbrella when covering a marketing summit for LGBT. “A common mistake in engaging an LGBT audience is to assume that the entire LGBT community is a monolith who share the same beliefs, ideas, and values. The LGBT community should be treated as a separate target market. Marketers should use different strategies for each segment of the LGBT community and do not stereotype,” writes Blanca Villagrana in her report from the marketing summit. If three corporate identities have been profitable, just imagine the market doors that will swing open for four, five, or 7 billion gender identities. The possibilities are endless.

Now, tack on the fetish of adult men known as transsexualism which objectifies female biology for sexual gratification. Rebranded and normalized as transgenderism or body dissociation, this new corporate identity undermines sexual dimorphism, creating a spectrum out of sex. We are now witnessing soaring numbers of young people in western cultures being sucked into this corporate matrix of identity, rearranging their sex characteristics through drugs and surgeries to express some imaginary “gender identity” and we have opened the door for the colonization of not just sexual expression, but our sexed bodies.

The sexual revolution will be nothing if not corporatized.

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