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Don’t Bring Your friends to Work

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

This blog post was not on my list of things to do today or any other day. I recently wrote about having a baseline of consistency regarding tactics within the pro-reality movement, fighting against the deconstruction of human sex. I thought I was done. Live and let live. I can make suggestions, but I can’t demand people take on specific strategies.

Something happened this morning (I will get to this later) to make me revisit my last blog post and write this one. I have been going along for months, trying to adjust to my disappointment in some people who call themselves gender-critical or who are part of a movement that has become known as gender critical. Calling actions for reality gender critical is not a good strategy. It was a reaction to the corporate narrative of "gender identity." It was not well thought out. I use pro-reality because reality is what we are standing up for. Some pro-reality activists are supporting individuals, in myriad ways, who objectify human sexual anatomy and treat it like parts they can appropriate for their use with medically devised facsimiles. Even if they are victims of a rapacious system, they do not belong anywhere near the pro-reality movement and those of us at the forefront fighting it - not publicly. We are not missionaries; we are activists.

People calling themselves “trans” are holding onto a system that pro-realists attempt to bring down - an industry that deconstructs reproductive sex for profit. Continuing to platform these individuals, discussing their fetishes, their identity issues, how they got to be where they are, having them speak as representatives of the pro-reality movement, using the corporate dictates of new pronouns, all while the state is stampeding over actual human sex, looks like lunacy (because it is) and it will never help us expose what is happening. It props up a corporate illusion. “Gender identity” is corporate framing. Responding to this frame with an endless discussion about “gender identity” is a losing proposition. Exposing the industry behind it is crucial. Naming reality consistently is vital. WE CAN NOT HAVE reality and hold onto an illusion at the same time. Facts will win in the end, but the damage incurred in the meantime is too ghastly to even think about.

We are now nearly a decade into the war on reality. Though some people are starting to come around to an understanding that the public vilification of women, erasing us in language, taking away our rights, and maiming children, might have more to do with profit than with identity or human rights for the marginalized, most people are not even close to this realization yet. It is our responsibility as activists to get them there. But many of us claiming to resist this corporate coup that is the gender industry are still platforming and publicly supporting people who are living manifestations of it.

I know from having lived with a psychotherapist for several years that most people who go into therapy don’t want to change. They want to be supported in their neurosis. They will generally fight to hold onto their problems as the therapist highlights how they are self-induced problems or that there might be a better approach to coping with them. The patient, at least initially, doesn’t want to do the work. It’s called resistance. As I look around in the pro-reality movement today, I see much of this. We want to fight the gender industry making mincemeat out of women’s rights and children’s bodies, but we want to hang onto our “trans” friends and call them by their preferred pronouns in public.

After watching an episode this morning by the YouTuber, Karen Davis, dissecting a video of four women posing as men who’ve been highlighted by various pro-reality movement groups, discussing men performing their rendition of women and their sexual fetishes, I started to feel like I was hallucinating. The dissection of this absurdity came on the heels of months and months of other similar absurdities abounding in this great big mix of people trying to hold the line for reality, against the gangsters who are way too far ahead of us and trying to steal it. By the time Karen’s dissection of this travesty ended, I felt like I was in one big group therapy session, and all of us had ingested some psilocybin mushrooms before the session began.

Karen Davis has not been around this movement very long. She came with fresh eyes and examined our movement with an exceptionally perceptive and critical gaze. I initially wondered if she was being harsh. Still, as she continued, undaunted by an onslaught of abuse for outing the hypocrisy inside it, I began to applaud her wild west truth-telling and sense of humor at the absurdity of it. It is just what we needed/need. Our tether to the world will be in chaos very soon if we do not stop holding onto what is killing us. The generation of children coming up right now won’t know who or what they are. The abolition of sex, a corporate plan well underway, described at length in my friend Kara Dansky’s new book with the same title, is being driven swiftly around the world. It is already embedded in the market and the law, but no one wants to change ineffective tactics or behavior. Well, it doesn’t look like our therapist is going away. I bet that Karen Davis will keep shining a light on what is happening here, so our best bet is to get to work and start changing some of our behavior before we go insane.

I hate to beg, but I will beg if it helps. I am begging people to stop bringing their friends to work. Stop supporting people performing the opposite sex, or no sex, in public while you are being an activist against the denial of reality. You are not helping. Stop calling them brilliant and nice; stop discussing their paraphilias with us. We don’t care. Stop using them as virtue-signaling props in your organizations. Stop saying it’s only the drugging and maiming of children that is important - adults can do as they please. No one is “transgender.” It is a malignant illusion. It is corporate branding for strategically invented medical identities and positioned for an eventual tech take-over of human sexual reproduction. This will change what and who we are as a species. This is all corporate propaganda. All of it.

People with Body Identity Integrity Disorder (BIID), who wish to have their limbs amputated because they believe they were born in the wrong body, are not getting any parades or public adulation for discussing their desire for self-mutilation and/or paraphilia. No magazine covers for these folks. No reality TV shows, endless propping up, and they have no human rights movement. There’s a reason for this. There is no lifetime of hormone treatments and ongoing surgeries, no fragile bones, risks of heart disease or strokes resulting from puberty blockers, and wrong sex hormones. Individuals seeking to have their limbs cut off will not need Big Fertility to reproduce because they’ve been sterilized by the “treatment” for their dysphoria. it’s over with one surgery, and their sex is left intact.

Though the pain of dysphoria for people with BIID is seemingly no less real than for individuals who are fixated on the removal of their genitals, BIID is not very profitable to the techno-medical complex. Doctors are so adamantly opposed to removing limbs because it goes against their training of “first do no harm” that it hardly ever happens, and we don’t hear about BIID. There has been no lengthy propaganda campaign for BIID saturating all media (media that is controlled by the techno-medical complex) and driven into medical institutions. Consequently, there is also no social contagion. We have not seen hundreds of clinics emerge all over the world in less than a decade to “treat” BIID and remove limbs.

When the fixation happens to a part of the body that will leave the root of people’s humanity unchanged, it is not lifted to the level of religious sacrifice like the mutilation of sex is. Those who reject the insanity of leg amputation to treat feelings are not treated as religious heretics. The medical community knows that it might not help, and there is no way back from amputating a healthy limb. The fixation on sex dysphoria and treating it with surgeries and drugs that attack the root of a person’s humanity is making a sacrificial religious offering out of an attack on humanity itself. The techno-medical complex has become our church. We cannot stop this if we continue to capitulate to it.

I don’t honestly care who you love or who you want to hang out with at the bar. I really, really don’t. I don’t hate people that have chosen to take the wrong sex hormones and have their sex amputated. I realize many are victims. Children caught up in this are victims. Many people are also predators. All of them are just like the rest of us: male or female. No one is born in the wrong body. There are no unicorns, no fairy dust, no “transgender” people, no third sex, and there is no Santa Claus. There is no cure for the lies we are drowning in except for meeting them with the truth.

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