🇦🇺 Diversity & Inclusion audits ensure compliance with Victoria's state-sanctioned gender ideology


By Catherine Karena/Australia

Sky News mocked the University of Melbourne (UniMelb) for their job advertisement for a 'Senior Advisor' of Gender Affirmation. I give three reasons why this hire is not just silly but deeply chilling... ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3FtA... ) Come February 2022, the Commission that was initiated by Victoria's Conversion Ban is ready to go to work. Katherine Deves a lawyer, outlines the role of the commission here: ( https://frayingthenet.com/2020/12/06/... ) Around the same time, the University of Melbourne has released the final drafts of its Gender Affirmation and Freedom of Speech policies. Policies that seem to be initiated after the harassment of Dr Holly Lawford-Smith in April 2021 when the Queer society objected to her creating a website collecting the testimonies of women impacted by males in their single-sex spaces: ( https://noconflicttheysaid.org ) In that April students and UniMelb staff engaged in defamation of Holly Lawford-Smith, assault, verbal abuse, harassment, stalking and recording of Dr Lawford-Smith's supporters. No sanction was forthcoming by the University for the abuse the QueerSoc students engaged in. Instead, work was commenced on the two policies that support compliance to gender identity ideology. See the April protest: https://youtu.be/ZCSScJUnyew

Catherine is the founder of a non-segregated IT training program that puts youth who have a range of range of mental and physical disadvantages (autism, history of suicide, high anxiety, poverty etc.) into high tech companies after 4 months to earn 65-80K in their first roles. Her background is in training, change management, recruitment, tech start-ups, accessibility, business & context driven testing.