Custom Vaginoplasty “For Your Inner Well-Being”

Updated: Jan 26

“When a man moves away from nature his heart becomes hard.”

Native American proverb, Lakota Sioux -


Most people in mainstream culture, not privy to the internal workings of the trans agenda, have no real understanding of what is transpiring in the medical community advancing macabre and dangerous procedures they term “healthcare for transgender people,” or where all this “care” is leading.

Since 2013, when I began tracking the money behind the transgender social engineering project, I have watched as what is framed “medical care” for people with extreme body dysphoria, morph into an unethical and completely abject attitude by medical professionals willing to perform almost any and all kinds of insane bodily alterations on people’s sex characteristics. These professionals hand out puberty blockers to children and wrong sex hormones to teenagers, which wreak havoc on the endocrine system, with no consideration of long-term harm. Even as a recently uncovered letter shows how the Endocrine Society, in particular, has misrepresented scientific reality to advance the agenda of the gender identity industry, these procedures continue.

These professionals no longer consider trauma or mental health comorbidities as anything to concern themselves with regarding this “care.” Any underlying trauma, or neurological disorders are swept aside in a rush to affirm “identity.” How have we arrived at the acceptance of such callousness and mendacity in the medical profession? Is it because most of us don’t know it is happening? Alix Aharon, an advocate and activist for biological reality in Israel, reporting on the dire situation for young women, currently being framed and “treated” as “transgender” by having their female sex characteristics maimed by physicians, had her research and articles on the subject removed yesterday from Medium. She is hardly the first.

The message behind “transgender care” is extremely inconsistent and has been from the moment “transgenderism” was rolled out in society. Alongside the narratives of sad, heartfelt “trans children” and their tragic stories of conflict, turmoil, being trapped in the wrong bodies, and their need for medical care, Hollywood and media coverage of adults who manipulate their sex characteristics with drugs and surgeries, have been unrelenting in their positive portrayals, which has had a normalizing effect on the culture. In other words, children are being radically experimented on because they are suffering, and adults are expressing their true self-perceptions about their sexed bodies - as if their heads and everything from the neck down were separate entities. Transgenderism seems to be the only non-medical condition needing medical intervention, medical insurance, and social validation as an identity. It is self-expression and it is a painful condition needing “treatment,” simultaneously.

On B4CK website, selling rapid-delivery breast binders for young women this inconsistency announces itself boldly, with a quote by Jazz Jennings, a now fairly familiar young man who has had castration surgery, breast implants, and identifies as female. Jazz ushered into mainstream society the idea of the transgender child, in 2007, when he first appeared on TV. The surgeries on his sex have been plentiful, the medical challenges extreme, the pain to himself and his family well-documented on his reality TV show, I Am Jazz, and yet B4CK quotes Jazz on their home page stating “Being transgender is not a medical transition. It’s a process of learning to love yourself for who you are.” Since when does loving oneself for who one is, entail life-threatening surgeries, life-altering drugs, tying oneself to the medical-industrial complex for life, and binding up sexed body parts to express some evanescent, internal essence of self-perception?

Today, what is euphemistically being promoted as surgery to "affirm" your inner sense of well-being about your sexed body in its relation to socially constructed sex-role stereotypes, is being expanded for those identifying as “non-binary.” Purportedly, those who identify as non-binary, don’t feel either male or female, though, of course, that non-binary identity is contingent on the opposite points of male-female existence, which trans activists consistently deny exist. So much for logic.

Capitalizing on what can only be framed as a new mass psychosis in human culture (there have been others), driven by the market in plastic surgeries, medical implants, organ anti-rejection drugs, pain killers, antibiotics, research for changing human biology (in short: the medical-industrial complex), one California surgeon has perfected – cough, cough – the procedure of inverting the male scrotal sack to create a shorter neo-vaginal cavity. Instead of a full-on vaginoplasty for “dysphoric” men whereby the penis is removed entirely, inverted and the skin used to create a fake vagina, the penis is left intact for those wishing to express their “non-binary” inner feelings. Irrationally, this includes a set of male and female genitalia, even though those who are “non-binary” purportedly don’t feel like either. Why one might wonder, haven’t they just constructed a new expression of their genitals, one that doesn’t relate to male or female?

Dr. Heidi Wittenberg is one of several U.S. doctors performing “gender affirmation” surgeries that have moved into the area of “non-binary” surgeries. Open this link at your own risk. It is extremely graphic and once you see it, you cannot unsee it and may wish you could.

Dr. Wittenberg is one of only a handful (as far as I could find) surgeons in the US, so far, who will also perform nullification surgery, removing a person’s overt sex organs. Thankfully, there are no photos on her website, of those results. For those, you can visit, Inked magazine, for a display and discussion of those who wish to rid themselves of their sex characteristics altogether.

When medical professionals will invert a scrotum to create a man-made vagina while leaving you with your penis intact for the purposes of your “inner well-being,” will cut off your genitalia completely, to help you express yourself, a young man celebrates his castration with a party and a penis cake and is featured on the cover of a major pop culture magazine, and young women who’ve had their breasts removed because they believe they are men are used in corporate marketing as expressions of self-empowerment, something is very, very wrong.

The medical-industrial complex itself wedded to every inch of the capitalist marketplace is the key driver of this madness. This should not come as a surprise. Big Pharma has driven so much madness through society from psychosis itself, along with its cure, to drug addiction, depression, and childhood psychiatric conditions, all in the name of profits. It is now doing so with identity medicine, their profits carved from the flesh of our human sex.

Medgadget reported last year that though the market for plastic surgeries in general is already nearly 23 billion dollars, one of the things standing in the way of the continued growth of profits is the social taboos against violation of body parts. Nonetheless, no one seems to be worried about future growth prospects. Why would they, when the “violation of body parts” is becoming a moot point driven by technological advancements as they are sewn to the profit-driven capitalist market?

The annual market for sex marker surgeries is already well into the millions, which, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 25.1% by 2026, will reach the billions soon enough. Once the legal boundaries of these “violations of body parts” are breached, through gender identity laws now being rapidly passed, Pandora’s box of changes to human biology is opened wide and the profit potentials for the capitalist marketplace, Big Pharma and Big Tech are endless.

That people are still attempting to justify this as progressive, speaks to how deeply sick western societies have become. “Transgenderism” may be the last symptom and siren being ignored by people so far removed from their land, each other, and biological reality by industrial civilization, that they can no longer feel.

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