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Capitalizing on the Destruction of Healthy Female Breasts

Updated: Oct 16, 2022


The capitalist state and the Trans/Pharma Lobby are having difficulty reconciling the promotion of medical-sexual identities as progressive under a banner of LGBT civil rights, and an abhorrence of female genital mutilation (FGM).

The World Health Organization (WHO) finds that more than 200 million women worldwide have suffered from the practice of FGM, which it labels a human rights violation.  Protecting girls and women from FGM have widespread bipartisan backing among lawmakers in Wyoming this month, who agree on banning it and see it as a violation of women’s rights.  Transgender activists express concerns that this recent bill, HBO127 to protect females, which soared through the house, will threaten the emerging Gender Identity industry. This is providing a quandary for lawmakers, pressured by the increasingly totalitarian Transgender (Pharma) Lobby.

As the rise in young women identifying as men soar by astronomical figures in western cultures, young women are binding their breasts, having elective breast amputations and skin grafts to create fake penises, while ingesting synthetic hormones which mimic male hormones. This is being celebrated by governments and the media as progressive. The two realities of celebrating the removal of healthy sex organs as progressive and seeing FGM as a violation of women's human rights coexisting, cannot withstand scrutiny. They are diametrically opposed.

In 2019, WHO rejected outright the idea that a desire to amputate healthy sex organs is a mental illness and discontinued that classification, as it flirted with a new term, "gender incongruence," in place of gender dysphoria.

All through western cultures, corporations, Hollywood, politicians, and the media are glorifying body dissociation under a banner of LGB civil rights. In 2018, the NY Times new “gender editor” published “All in One Piece,” a memoir exalting the amputation of a young woman's healthy breasts, presenting amputation of healthy breasts as self-actualization.  And in a staggering display of cognitive dissonance, Cosmopolitan Magazine published an article denouncing breast ironing, in 2015, and subsequently another article teaching young women how to bind their breasts a year later.

TomBoyX, Luna Pads, and Thinx corporations have all used the amputations of young women's healthy breasts in their ad campaigns, normalizing body dissociation and mutilations as self-expression, with barely any criticism in mainstream media.

This reverence for the mutilation of young people's sex does not end with females. Jazz Jennings, a boy whose parents identified as transgender when he was just four years old, has created a rather lucrative business for themselves from Jazz’s medical identity, with a reality TV series, speaking engagements, and a children's storybook. "I am Jazz," the TV series documenting and celebrating Jazz’s “transition,” covered a “farewell penis party”, preceding his castration in the name of "gender incongruence”, on national TV. It seems every other week there is a movie star parading their newly announced transgender child in the media.

Behind the façade of this progressiveness, lay the actual disruption of, or the future disruption of healthy body processes, such as puberty, the ability to have children, and a lifelong attachment to the MIC. Beholden to the Trans/Pharma Lobby, democratic candidates for president of the US are ignoring the harms being generated by this normalization of changing sex characteristics and are celebrating the mutilation of healthy young people in the name of an industry creating medical identities out of sex.

At our root as humans, we are a sexually dimorphic species. Changing our biology to manifest some elusive “gender identity,” is not self-expression but a deconstruction of what it means to be human. It is not like getting a nose job, or a tattoo, it is chemically and surgically deconstructing sex and it is emerging as a profitable industry

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