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Capitalism, the New, New Left and the Gender Industry

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

“Inclusivity is more than a social cause, it’s a business opportunity. It’s time to maximize your business growth.”

Let me get this out of the way, because it seems more than a few people still need to hear this.


“Diversity and inclusion ”(D&I) comprise a new business mantra. Programs and language based on the normalization of body dissociation are being corporately cultivated around the world. The programs being instituted appeal to our emotions, to entice us to believe that companies care about people and just want to create one big happy, diverse work-family, which includes marginalized sectors of society - most notably, those who imagine they have a sex (gender is a euphemism) that is not male or female. The overlooked are finally being given a place at the table!

Or are they?

The new, new liberal left in America, the left that has emerged out of a traditional new left, which cared about the working class, blacks, and women’s rights, who yearned for a more equal and just social order, is unrecognizable to many of us who’ve long been of the traditional left. That left, just a decade ago, sparked a potentially revolutionary movement on Wall street, calling out the financial industry and the monopolies ruining our lives and our planet. Emerging out of the carcass of that potentially revolutionary movement is a left that has recently climbed into bed with those same big banks. Snuggled up in bed with them, fluffing their pillows, are Big Pharma and Big Tech. The left is running around screaming at protests, getting comprehensive media coverage, voices in our universities and institutions, and crying that people claiming their sex is not male or female, need human rights. These manufactured sexes are being supported by, promoted, and advertised by Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Banking. This new, unrecognizable left sees no irony at all in their behavior.

These purported new sexes, ostensibly requiring special human rights, depend on a narrative that sexual dimorphism isn’t real, that it exists on a spectrum of sexes. This is the gender industry, and with projected profit margins reaching into the billions by 2026 for surgeries on healthy sex organs alone and the amount of advertising curated to sell it, it is going to be very profitable indeed.

How has the left been so duped about new markets being manifested out of sex that they scream liberation every time someone dares to mention the glaring inconsistency of human rights for corporate profiteering off of young adults' and children’s bodies?

The left knows corporations do not care about the color of our skin, whether we are oppressed because of the said color of our skin, whether we live in an igloo or a cardboard box, whether the icebergs are melting, or whether Fukushima nuclear plant is dumping millions of tons of radioactive waste into the oceans, externalizing the cost of doing business. How do they not understand that corporations do not give a fu*k about anybody’s identity? Unless those identities are opening markets.

The constant business-woke-posing (D&I), for Black Lives Matter (BLM), the LGBT Inc, and the often corporate mixing of both under the “Black Trans Lives Matter” slogan is about profit. Every little advertising slogan, every word, is carefully selected to appeal to an ever-increasing fragmentation of humanity into subcategories to be marketed to. It is all about the corporate bottom line. If they can convince us that the disembodiment movement of “gender identity” is akin to the civil rights movement for black Americans or has anything to do with LGBs, they’ve roped us into their narrative of care. Further, if they can convince more black Americans of their insane narrative of disembodiment-as-progress, it supports the illusion they are selling to all of us. Fortunately, that isn’t going well so far. Despite their efforts to corral black youth and the relentless corporate propaganda aimed at them, black youth are not crying about their “gender identities” or clamoring for cross-sex hormones.

The left knows corporations don’t care. The working class knows this. It’s why the Occupy Wall Street movement evolved so quickly. I was there, a decade ago, at ground zero, with 40,000 people from every walk of life, as we traversed the Brooklyn Bridge in protest of the choke hold the financial sector had on us. Now, these same people are waving flags in traditional, baby-colored, pink, blue, and white, screaming about human emancipation through medical identities. Many sew themselves to the techno-medical complex for life.

For a concise and readily comprehensible explanation of how capitalism functions, I urge you to examine the work of Stephanie McMillan, a lifelong activist and an anti-capitalist. She explains, in language that is entirely accessible, how corporations are set up to compete in the global marketplace: “To care about people over profits would jeopardize the corporatist’s position within that system and their livelihood.” Corporate heads consist of those with the most significant wealth who depend on an exploited working class not just to function but to suck wealth upward from the bottom, creating ever more wealth for a few, leaving the masses at the bottom with less and less. This is a worse crisis for women worldwide, who, according to UN stats, put in 12.5 billion hours of unpaid care work each day — contributing to the global economy of at least $10.8 trillion annually. The reporting of these statistics will no longer be an accurate measure of what is transpiring globally since men will be included in the stats for women under the new corporate gender regime.

We are living in an oligarchic gulag, one that isn’t very private. Our communities, as I addressed in an interview last year, are being opened to the acceptance and normalization of a male fetish based on disembodiment, creating a sexual psychodrama of our corporate and civil landscapes, for-profit while dismembering people and creating more identities to market to.

Because we are governed by corporate monopolies and the billionaires behind them, driving a steady stream of propaganda through our media, we no longer know what fake news is and what is real news. We don’t know what men and women are (or we pretend not to, to fit in). We don’t know if people on social media or advertising are real or computer generated, and our ability to speak about anything outside the corporately generated illusions plaguing us is being penalized in myriad ways, not the least of which is controlled and censored speech. Yet suddenly, we are to believe, and many on the new, new liberal left do think, these monstrous monopolies that have colonized the entire natural world have suddenly changed their ways and care about people. They primarily care about these new imaginary sexes being manufactured out of philanthropic funding, corporate cash, and the techno-medical complex.

Will Meyer, in a recent issue of Business Insider, gives us a look at the corporate woke hypocrisy, posing as care about the marginalized. “IBM and Microsoft,” he reports, “claimed they would no longer sell facial recognition software to law enforcement, signaling their alignment with the Soros-backed BLM movement, despite both corporations remaining deeply invested in punitive systems that continue to harm Black and brown lives.” The BLM movement has the same capitalists behind it as the gender industry.

Selling D&I to the public is such a big business that there are corporations that teach other companies how to market it effectively. This fracturing of humanity, via the colonization of human sex, is how capitalism functions. It splits everything into smaller and smaller fragments to open markets. Where we once had a single-family physician to help us heal, we now have a plethora of specialists to treat everything from lung cancer to toenail fungus. Where we have had a sexually dimorphic species, we now have medical identities that deconstruct sex, being foisted upon us, to open markets.

Those with wealth create more wealth for themselves, while underlings, not having access to wealth, land, or goods, are forced to sell their labor for less and less money. The wealth, goods, and land are all siphoned off by the corporatists. Well, now the corporatists, with little left to extract, have come for human sex, and they are not leaving until they have it, or we rise in resistance and reclaim what is left after their ravaging.

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