Become a Supporter to the 11th Hour Blog

Updated: Jan 26

The 11th Hour Blog has had a facelift. In effort to keep much of the blog free-access, there will now be a feature that is for "paid supporters" that will provide even more of the journalism you've come to expect.

Some of the posts coming to subscribers will be for supporters only ($5.00 monthly or $45.00 annually) and will have a paywall. Many of the posts will remain free-access. You are of course, free to continue making donations of any denomination. Know that all support and donations go toward research and writing about the intersections of Transgenderism, Technology and Capitalism. Exposing the money, power, pharmacology and technology behind the Trans Lobby is a massive undertaking because the political infrastructure and money driving the normalization of body dissociation are vast. Your support carries this work forward, and helps all those fighting this global corporate cult.

Know that your efforts are appreciated and are creating real change in the dialogue of those resisting the gender identity industry, helping to arm resisters with the information they need to form new channels of discussion to open minds to what is really transpiring.

Thank you and stay tuned for a riveting, new, supporter-access blog post about the intersection of Transgenderism, Big Pharma and the assault on women's sports!! Be prepared to be angered.