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Arcus Foundation - “LGBT” NGO, Great Apes and the Mission of Gender Identity Ideology

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

What do great apes conservation have to do with the new Gender Identity Industry? I can just see you scratching your heads.

Tracking the money flow behind the Gender Identity industry, Arcus, a Goliath “LGBT” and great apes conservation NGO, stands as a giant in the funding of institutions and driver of Gender Identity ideology into the marketplace. The institutions funded by Arcus must profess allegiance to Gender Identity ideology to see any of its funding (no allegiance to great apes necessary, to my knowledge). Its founder, Jon Stryker funds his foundation from his multi-billion-dollar medical corporation, so there is a lot of money for those professing allegiance. Trained as an architect, Stryker was the perfect person to create a political apparatus that has roots in America, but branches out globally to drive Gender Identity ideology. I’ll get to the apes in a minute.

Gender Identity Ideology and its message is one of dissociation from our roots as humans within our sexed bodies. In the past five years, it has been rapidly and stealthily instituted into schools (from elementary schools to universities), cultural and civic institutions, medical institutions, legal institutions all over the world but specifically in western societies, and has been adopted by global corporations. This has created an industry within a capitalist system that will need to grow if it is to survive.

Arcus Foundation is also heavily involved in the conservation of great apes, a noble cause if there ever was one. Or is it? The juxtaposition of institutionalizing our dissociation from our evolutionary roots in sexual dimorphism and the conservation of our evolutionary cousins, on the other hand, seems very odd at first glance.

What do Arcus Foundation, the drive to normalize body dissociation, under a banner of LGB civil rights, and great apes have in common? The answer is the global south. Having already colonized most of the global north with its indoctrination of gender identity ideology, Arcus has set its sights on spreading its gospel to the global south. If you think "gospel" is just an analogy, consider that a team of Harvard professionals in the field of gender and youth use the word soul when writing about the "gender identity" of children. Like early religious missionaries, preaching their faith in a sky god to indigenous cultures, uprooting them from an integral connection to their land, Arcus is spreading the message globally of a new ephemeral god – gender identity. We can’t see this one either. Our connections to our land have long been eroded, the new mission has morphed into an agenda to sever our connection to our own sexed bodies. The new colonization looks a lot like the old colonization – on steroids. The new mind/body split happens to be more literal. Modern fathers of the new pharma/tech religion attempt to actually make the body conform to "the soul," with drugs and technology.

Stryker’s architect degree has served him well in building a structure to spread “the word.” He offers “humanitarian” aid to those who are impoverished by the severed ties to their land base and each other. These ties are destroyed by land exploitation, and by ever-advancing technologies untethered to any ethics, under a capitalist system run amuck. Arcus is here to “help,” preaching a technological/medical fix to this disconnection – a disconnection it helps to create and then solidifies through its normalization of body dissociation. Not to mention, one that profits the medical corporation from which Arcus is nurtured.

Is it a coincidence that the great apes live in the very same regions, which are now being colonized by Arcus, spreading the word of the new god of gender?

Asked in an interview in 2017, why he chose to shift his funding focus for “LGBT” rights from the global north to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, arguably three of the toughest regions for “LGBT” rights, Stryker noted “we were already working in two of these regions because of the great apes work. We fund ape programs in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Southern China, Indonesia (Borneo and Sumatra), Malaysia, and various countries in Africa.

Is this a coincidence, or is the foresight of an architect building the structural political foundation for an ideology's advancement? You be the judge.

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