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I am an Independent but was a Democrate all the way for most of my life. In past 10 years moving more Independent-Conservative as my eyes have been opened more fully. Compassionate to all but no tolerance for BS. I now see how opression politics have been used to keep those who do nothing in power. They put their foot on the neck of many Democrats while extending an open hand. True Democrates may need to unite with Republicans just to stamp out what has happened to the Democratic Party otherwise we cannot complain if we continue to vote those into power that support cancel culture, big tech sensorship and destruction of our right to speech and right to lead our lives as we see fit. The Republican Party has also changed and for the better thank God! It has moved from the far right to a more middle centralized way of seeing things....except for the extremists which are in both parties. Unfortunately, the extremists have taken over the Democrate Party. Fortunately, the extremists are truely few in the Republican Party. I have had to move my past beliefs forward in order to try and leave our Country something recognizable for my children to grow up in.



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