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I live in the West Country of England. I have been campaigning against trans ideology since the summer of 2000, ever since I heard about the case of Susie Green, CEO of the 'charity' Mermaids, who took her 15 year old son to Thailand to be castrated for his 16th birthday present; she brought her child back to England, not as a girl, but as a eunuch. I still find this story stomach-turningly appalling, and the thought of the thousands of children being similarly betrayed by adults who should be taking care of them motivates me to continue campaigning. I welcome any opportunity to speak up, as when a friend starts declaring his pronouns, or when someone posts a photo of a man in woman-face on facebook expecting me to go along with the fun, or I see a newspaper article referring to a trans-identifying man as 'she', or when the Green Party, of which I used to be an active member, promotes a trans-identifying man to be chair person of the Green Party Women's Group, or, or, or - there are opportunities every day.


Caitlin Collins

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