🇺🇸USA: The Dark Truth Behind Transgender Medicine Part 2

"We are being told that those pushing the Trans Movement are looking out for the best interest of vulnerable, gender-confused, young people. But, is there another reason why such surgeries are being performed at an ever-increasing rate, in clinics that are popping up at an alarming rate? Is this Movement truly intended to protect such young people, or is there a dark secret being covered up... which is leaving thousands of young people with untreated mental heal issues forever scarred?

And, are professionals who push this man-made psychological scheme actually placing young adults at risk of falling prey to dangerous sexual predators? In the second part of this compelling interview, Alix Aharon, Founder of the Gender Mapping Project, and Co-founder of Partners for Ethical Care pulls back the curtain on some of the lesser understood dark practices and influences (such as hypno sissy porn) being employed to groom such vulnerable young people into a very vulnerable and dangerous psychological state, leaving them ripe for being targeted sophisticated financial and sexual predators. "