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Trans Widows, Technology and the Destigmatization of Autogynephelia (Transsexualism)

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

At the root of the emerging gender industry, is a sexual fetish of adult men known as autogynephilia (AGP), once called transsexualism. AGP is a sexual fetish that covets female biology. This is the eroticization of women as objects that we see across the sex industries taken to its zenith. “Transgenderism” is the corporate branding and politicization of this fetish for profit and human engineering. The pinnacle of this fetish, which is playing out now with the normalization of AGP in society, is female erasure. This fetish used to be expressed through the appropriation of what was culturally deemed female attire (transvestic fetishism). Through advancements in technology, it has grown to the appropriation of female biology itself. If the appropriation of women’s bodies is accepted as “medical treatment” to assuage men’s fetish, their internalized homophobia, their mental health problems, and/or their self-expression, women cease to exist as wholly sexed beings unto ourselves.

This is the point of the gender industry. Female erasure has become the ultimate money shot of the sex industry. Women become whatever anyone says they are. They have no integrity because they are left without boundaries around their sexed reality. This is the most important boundary any human can have which is what makes rape such a heinous act.

“Trans widows," the women once married to men with the fetish of AGP, men who have taken on performances of their wives' sexed reality, have been marginalized and silenced even beyond the censorship of other women discussing this issue. They are the harbingers of what is happening to society with the normalization of AGP. Having lived with the men who have this fetish, they have the most to tell us about where the destigmatization of this fetish is leading. Allowing for the incursion of women’s sexed reality, by men who seek to own women, to become women, and erase them, will lead to the erasure and debasement of humanity itself. Women are half the human species. When we are debased and erased, humanity goes down with us.

Social and legal acceptance of men going through their days wearing women’s biology like a costume is meting out destruction at every front. It is rearranging the social order to accommodate a dangerous lie that people can change sex, setting off a social contagion of young people expressing a repulsion toward their sexed anatomy, and energizing a market capitalizing on the contagion. It is leading to the social erasure of women in language and law, and the literal deconstruction of females.

This will get worse.

Porn is the industry, the soil, in which this current iteration of women’s human debasement has been fertilized. It is a 35 billion dollar a year global industry and growing, allowing any eight-year-old boy with access to the internet or a cell phone, unrestrained admittance to images of women as sexual objects. 1950s porn is yesterday’s news. In its place we have women being sexually violated, choked, spit on, penetrated by multiple men, eating out of dog bowls, and being humiliated for men’s and boys’ sexual pleasure and profit.

The rapid advancements of tech and AI have made the sexual degradation of women so ubiquitous to our social order we don’t see it anymore, which is how people can believe that men walking around performing our sexed reality is their human right. We do not see that we are being emotionally, psychologically, and sexually impacted (traumatized) as a species.

Once technology created the possibility of assuaging men’s fetish of desiring to own women’s biology, by creating surgeries and synthetic hormones to allow them to wear facsimiles of female anatomy, this fetish detonated into what is now the gender industry: the selling of body dissociation as a lifestyle, the casual acceptance of mutilating one’s sex for identity and expression, the emergence of hundreds of “gender clinics” to control children’s sex, the creation of a techno-medical complex (TMC) pipeline of profit, from “gender clinics” and a lifetime of medicalization, to Big Fertility (to assist young people in having children once they’ve been sterilized for identity).

The exponential growth of this industry for rearranging human sex characteristics, (including both the removal of genitalia or adding of one set of genitalia while keeping another) is already being projected. What will happen to humanity with further advancements in technology?

Synthetic sex identities marketed as defying the binary of sexual dimorphism are already being promoted in grade school curriculums, on children’s social media platforms, in universities, corporations, governments, Hollywood, on all mainstream media which intersect with the TMC, and in medical schools.

Elite men are invading, colonizing, and occupying female biology through the surrogacy and gender industries, the same way an AGP attempts to occupy his wife's biology. The advancement of this process is happening through tech developments and because our market sucks the wealth to the top of society (this process is inherent to capitalism) where too few men are able to control the rest of us via their wealth. Some of these men have the fetish of AGP and are attempting to usurp women’s reproductive power with technology by normalizing their fetish socially and within the capitalist market. Now that this fetish is part of the market, other elites are profiteering from the industries, as they have from the other aspects of the sex industry.

Trans widows live in a pornified microcosm of this macrocosm. Where allowed to have a voice at all, they have reported on the psychological abuse perpetrated by their partners, the trauma caused to themselves and their children, by their partner’s gaslighting and narcissism, the cognitive dissonance of loving someone intimately who suddenly seeks to appropriate their physically sexed humanity, feelings of intense boundary violation of their personhood being supported by the culture at large, so that they feel like the crazy ones.

This is what is happening to society at large as the elite men with this fetish whose wealth and intent to take what does not belong to them, coalesce. We are being led to believe this is about human rights, that the suffering caused by this paraphilia and the desire to own female biology supersedes everything and everyone else in society, including both the natural and man-made laws by which we live. We are being made to believe we are crazy and shamefully bigoted if we do not go along.

Are we the crazy ones?

Families are being destroyed by this fetish from one end to the other and society will also be destroyed. While these men are lauded by and paraded in mainstream media (controlled by the TMC), trans widows are left invisible and censored, like the women who dare to speak publicly about the abuse of allowing this fetish to overtake us socially.

AGP, Body Dissociation, Technology, and Commerce

Normalizing AGP normalizes the objectification of women to the point of erasure. Women, as we can see, are being socially, politically usurped by men winning their awards, their sports, claiming them as their own physical entity. This normalizes body dissociation. This is the important root of the gender industry, leading us into a synthetic, desexed, reality that is post-human.

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk (Musk’s economic worth is 223 billion dollars) recently discussed our developing ability to download our memories and personalities into a robot suggesting that we already outsource so much of our minds to our phones and computers with pictures and videos, enabling us to do things that would have been considered magical a short time ago. “I certainly don't want to have anything that could potentially be harmful to humanity,” Musk said. “But humanoid robots are happening. The rate of advancement of AI is very rapid," he warns. These social, political, and economic developments are happening simultaneously with the destigmatization of AGP within the corporate and political world. Social acceptance of transsexualism and its rebranding to "transgenderism" systematizes our estrangement from sexed reality and the rest of the biosphere.