Resistance: A Love Story

Updated: Jan 26

In 1943, Sophia Magdalena Scholl, a German student, and anti-Nazi political activist, working in the non-violent resistance group, White Rose Society, in Nazi Germany, was convicted of high treason. She and her brother, Hans had been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich. They were executed by guillotine. She was 22 years old.

Sophie and her brother were allowed a brief exchange with their parents before their execution, in which their parents offered their love and support for their children’s actions before bidding them a last farewell.

I am hard-pressed to say who of the four exhibited the most courage and self-respect that day. Was it Hans? Was it Sophie, who said as they led her to the guillotine, “what a lovely sunny day and I have to go,” or was it their parents who offered their support, love, and understanding, in that little room before their children were led away? There were no hysterics of losing. They understood what it is to stand courageously in love, against the odds. There were no regrets.

We are up against an apparatus today that is as anti-human and supremacist, like that faced by Sophie and Hans and we must, at the very least, find a measure of the courage they exhibited that day if humanity is to survive. We must be willing to sacrifice. We must be able to act in solidarity against the gender identity industry that is a corporate mission to colonize human sex, right down to our genetic code. This agenda has nothing to do with human rights. It is naked corporatism and human supremacy driving us off a cliff. We have little time to act. The choices are stark: act in solidarity against this machine or we are over, as a species.

This is not a project that can be accomplished alone and it is one that demands no compromise. We must find our way back to each other. If you are one, become two. If you are two, become three. Act.

It is terrifying to contemplate what losing this battle will mean. Though it seems scary to act against this totalitarian regime, it is in our unity where we will find and stand rooted in our love for the world. We are, after all, alive to be in love. This is why we resist. The natural world has given us everything. Our appreciation, respect, and understanding of this very simple fact, will afford us the resolve we need to leave something for those that come behind us.

On this day of flimsy love, corporatized like everything else, for profiteering off our emotions, let’s contemplate the sacrifices of those who came before us so that we could be better positioned to create a livable world for those who come after. We are nothing without them. We must reach back and remember, so we can be rooted firmly in our resolve to fight back against those who literally wish to dismember us.

And to my comrades in arms, each one of you standing tall, this is my valentine to you. It is your resolve in love and courage that keeps me firmly planted in my own. I have found in solidarity, love which I could not have known without you and I offer you my appreciation with my insistence to keep going. Thank you for standing up. Thank you for speaking up, for resisting, for fighting, for telling the truth when it has been in short supply. Thank you for taking the risk. There are so many of you, I couldn’t possibly make a list. Some of you I have never even met, but I feel you there. Some of us have stood next to each other at another protest, some of us have met week after week, year after year, wondering if our actions were having any impact, as we planned, talked, tweeted, messaged, and spent long hours on the phone, raging, laughing and sometimes crying. Some of you were there from the beginning, calling me from between the covers of a book - some of them written ages ago - books they may again start burning for wrong think - books guiding me to the next action.

Solidarity is not just another word. It matters. Resistance may be the greatest love story we have ever known. Rise against the transhumanist cult of death. Choose life. Only together, is failure impossible.

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