Bearing Witness

Updated: Jan 27

On Saturday, August 8th I took part in and listened to a live, day-long, online conference, critiquing the gender self-ID movement. A vast array of speakers from around the world gathered to critique changes to laws, censorship, medical malpractice, the mutilation of language, destruction of young healthy bodies, men in women’s sports and safe spaces, and the absolute lunacy of an ideology that purports that men can be women.

It was an extraordinary event, organized with savvy technology creating a seamless stream of speaker-to-speaker presentations and open chat rooms where participants and speakers alike could mingle and discuss the talks before, during, and after each presentation.

Listening to a mom speak about losing not one, but two of her children to the trans cult nearly undid me. It was late. I’d been watching amazing speeches all day and I was getting tired. The waver in this mom’s strong, courageous voice is what threatened the undoing. It was just two brief skips - before she resumed her composure. One skip in her composure came at the end of a story about a friend, another mom, who had lost her daughter to the trans cult. Her friend was holed-up in a hotel room praying and crying, under a table, on the night prior to her teen daughter’s surgery to have her healthy breasts amputated – an act this young woman's mother could not legally prevent. The second waver in her voice came when she shared her own story of losing her two children to this corporate-driven medical cult. This is happening to so many families who have no recourse because our institutions have been bought off.

The other thing that announced itself like a gong going off somewhere were the voices of young, detransitioning women. My heart and respect go out to these women who exhibit courage in spades - sharing their stories of the medical malpractice that has changed their lives. It wasn’t their stories that hit me the hardest though, difficult as they were to hear. It was the timbre of their voices - the way testosterone (wrong sex hormones) had changed their voices permanently – a forever reminder every time they open their mouths to speak about what was done to them. And make no mistake, this was done to them.

Another courageous and informative speaker, Dr. Van Meter, a pediatric endocrinologist, brooked no nonsense in discussing the dangers of medicalizing young people’s identities, halting puberty, and giving young people wrong sex hormones. It was startling listening to him discuss his own profession and how most doctors are too busy to research information about new developments in care and rely on other experts sending around guidelines. When asked about where these guidelines were coming from regarding the care of children and adolescents seeking treatment for what is being called gender dysphoria, his response was quick and penetrating: Activists.

As I have written elsewhere, the giant LGBT NGOs have stopped advocating for the rights of same-sex attracted individuals and taken up the promotion of Trans and gender identity. There is profit in medicalizing sexuality and tying it to our identity. Arcus Foundation, one of the largest LGBT NGOs in the world, deploys millions of philanthropic dollars each year to filter gender identity and transgender ideology into American law and institutions. Arcus was founded in 2000 by Jon Stryker, heir to a medical corporation fortune. Arcus Foundation has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to the American Psychological Foundation (APA). The APA is the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States, with more than 118,000 members. In 2009 the APA established a Gender Identity and Gender Variance Task Force and two years later started receiving bountiful funds from Arcus Foundation ($150,000. In 2011) to combat Gender Identity as a mental illness. By 2013 the Arcus Grant was increased to $300,000. for three years of support to increase the capacity of psychology organizations and the gender identity movement to use psychiatric knowledge in education, media relations, and policy change. Having conquered North America, Arcus Foundation grants explicitly turned toward establishing its foothold of activism in the global south. The money continued to flow to the APA as well as the National Science Foundation from Arcus Foundation coffers and is flowing still to drive a science-denying ideology into the minds of children as young as three.

Parents need to understand the money and political apparatus that is creating both activists and medical guidelines for the medical professionals playing out these political objectives on their children’s bodies.

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